Can gout be treated with kaishore guggulu?

ayurvedaIf you believe in Ayurveda, here is a good news for you. Yes, today, we going to tell you an Ayurvedic medicine for the gout treatment. Have you ever heard of Kishore Guggulu for gout treatment? If no, not a problem at all. After reading this article, you will find the amazing health benefits of kaishore Guggulu for gout treatment.  Before starting the treatment, you need to know some common facts of gout.


goutGout is a very common health problem and it is a kind of arthritis. It is a form of inflammatory arthritis that develops in the people who have high levels of uric acid in the blood. This acid can form needle-like crystals in your joints and can also cause sudden, severe episodes of pain, tenderness, redness, warmth and swelling. Men are at the higher risk of getting gout and women become increasingly susceptible to gout after menopause.

gout.Gout can attack you suddenly and often walking you up in the middle of the night with the sensation that your big toe is on the fire. Fortunately, gout is treatable and there are the number of ways of getting rid of gout problem. The high uric can be minimized by the consumption of high-purine foods. These foods include organ meats, cauliflower, dried peas and beans, mushrooms, oatmeal, spinach and wheat bran. Drinking plenty of water can also help in flushing out the uric acid from the body.

Ayurveda is one of the best treatment options to treat the gout problem. It will not give you any type of unwanted effects as well as cure the problem to its roots.

Kaishore Guggulu For The Gout Treatment

kaishoreguggle1-Kaishore guggulu is an ayurvedic guggulu formation used in the treatment of gout problem. It is used to raise the uric acid, mild to severe attacks of gouty arthritis, inflammatory diseases, wounds, abdominal diseases, constipation, indigestion and diabetic carbuncles. According to Ayurveda, the primary goal of relieving the pain caused by due to high uric acid or gout is to control the levels of uric acid in the body.

Kaishore guggulu for gout is an ayurvedic medicine that is made up of natural herbs which are effective enough to cure the gout problem easily.

As per the alternative therapy system, the imbalance of the three vital energies namely as vata, kapha and pitta in the body are the main reasons for any ailment in the body. The disproportions of these constituents of the human body can cause problems such as gout and arthritis. Kaishore Guggulu is particularly helpful in removing the accumulation of uric acid in the joints and muscles.

Baidyanath-Kaishore-GugguluThis herbal medicine or remedy is used in the uric acid type arthritis which is characterized by redness, heat, inflammation and persistent pain in the joints. It helps to soothe the inflamed joints and also cools the whole system. It helps to prevent the further accumulation of uric acid by regulating the metabolism and assisting the proper detoxification of toxins.

The beneficial properties of kaishore guggulu are known for its excellent removal of uric acid. This ayurvedic medicine helps to reduce the lymphatic congestion and calcification of the shoulders, neck and vertebrae. It also has an effect on biliary and kidney stones and helps in the production of insulin. It contains a number of natural herbs like tinospora cordifolia, Zingiber officinale, emblica officinalis, piper nigrum and piper longrum that help in the treatment of gout as well as a number of health issues.

kaisora-guggulu_Well, the common dosage of the kaishore guggulu is two tablets 2-3 times a day after eating food. You should consult your ayurvedic doctor before starting the treatment. If your doctor has not specified any particular co-drink for this medicine, by default, this medicine should be taken along with warm water or warm milk.  Kaishore guggulu is bitter, astringent, sweet and pungent. It is heating in nature as well as dry and light. It will really give you good results.

Now, you might have understood that kaishore guggulu is one of the powerful remedies that can cure gout problem easily and effectively. So, if you are experiencing gout problem, instead of trying over-the-counter treatment, you should try kasihore Guggulu for gout treatment. It will surely give you effective and desired results.


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