Deal with all stomach and respiratory issues with Chousashta Pippali

respiratory tractRespiratory diseases are common nowadays but people are not aware of which kinds of diseases are related to respiratory health. No, I am not here to tell you about the diseases which are caused by poor respiratory health, m here to tell you by which remedy you can cure respiratory diseases. Today, in this article I will tell you about an ayurvedic remedy which can almost all respiratory diseases. Yes, an ayurvedic remedy and not allopathic medicines. Allopathic medicines are full of side effects and consuming this can make your condition more critical.

So use that remedy which can cure your condition and for that you can use Chousashta Pippali. Chousashta Pippali for respiratory issues is the best remedy and how is this so that you can see ahead. Chousashta Pippali is an herbal remedy. This medicine is prepared from pippali by triturating Choti pippali with the juice of Badi pippali.

Chousashta Pippali for Respiratory Issues

Chousashta PippaliThis is carminative, stimulant, laxative and appetizing properties. This remedy is very useful in the treatment of both respiratory and digestive diseases. It has pippali as the main ingredient so, let’s what pippali has special in it. Pippali means long pepper, is a unique spice. It also has all the qualities which can cure indigestion, asthma, and cough.

According to studies, this is a very aphrodisiac and anti-aging spice. This Chousashta Pippali for respiratory issues is the perfect cure because this can cure almost all the diseases which are related to respiratory issues. It can also cure spleen disorders and this is the pippali- the long pepper fruit is the best.

Pippali-BPippali is the term which applied to the fruit of piper longum. This plant is native to northeastern and southern India. The fruit is more healthy and useful when it is unripe. Now, back to the main topic- Chousashta Pippali for respiratory issues the ultimate cure because it can cure all the diseases of respiratory system efficiently.

It can improve your appetite and can also reduce excessive body heat. This is an anti-cough remedy and this is the reason that it can reduce phlegm. As I mentioned that it has carminative properties so, it can prevent the formation of causing the expulsion of flatulence.

It is the best remedy which can raise the psychological and nervous activity in the body. This is also a laxative which can help you cure and prevent the chances of getting constipation. Chousashta Pippali for respiratory issues is also very effective and it can also balance the Vata, pitta and Kapha doshas.

-hemorrhoids-Through Chousashta Pippali, you can also get rid of hiccups, anemia and piles pain. Post-partum fever, fever due to cold and cough and chronic fever can be cured with Chousashta Pippali. It can increase the breast milk in lactating mothers. It gives strength to heart. I think till now you all agree with me that Chousashta Pippali for respiratory issues is the best cure than any allopathic remedies.


dosage 4This is totally safe and you can use this without thinking about the side effects on your body. But still, it is an advice that you should consult with your doctor before you start consuming any ayurvedic medicine. One more thing, consume this remedy according to the recommendation other it can cause side-effects. So, safe dose of Chousashta Pippali is 250-500mg with honey. You just have to take care of its doses and other than this there is nothing to be a worry.


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