Mahashankh Bati for treating all stomach related problems from casual indigestion to hemorrhoid

tridoshasAccording to the principle of Ayurveda, the balances of three vital energy named as vata, kapha and pitta in the body are very important for maintaining a good health as well as for a sound digestive system. Vata, kapha and Pitta are commonly known as kinetic, potential and thermal energy. According to the alternative therapy system of Ayurveda, the imbalance of all three doshas is the main reason for any ailment in the body. The disproportion of these in the body can lead to stomach problems such as indigestion, gas, bloating, pain, constipation, acidity and even hemorrhoid.

Digestion1Here is a good news for you. There is an ayurvedic medicine that balances all three doshas in the body as well cure various stomach related problems. We all know that stomach problem is very common and for some people, it becomes a part of their daily routine. If you are experiencing stomach problems from a long time and on a regular basis, you need to seek the treatment option fast as well as change your diet and lifestyle habits. If you want a permanent cure that means a treatment option that can cure your stomach related problems from its roots, Ayurveda is the best choice for you.

Mahashank Bati for Stomach Related Problems

mahashankh_vati_Have you ever tried Mahashank Bati for stomach related problems? If no, you should try it fast. Mahashank Bati for stomach related problems such as indigestion, gas, constipation, bloating, stomach cramps and hemorrhoids are extremely effective. This ayurvedic medicine is widely used in Ayurveda for the treatment of gastric, piles and other stomach related problems. You can use Mahashank Bati in treating the malabsorption syndrome, dyspepsia and gastric ulcers. It is also effective in relieving reflux diseases, ulcerative colitis as well as indigestion.

Mahashank Bati helps to balance all three doshas of the body such as vata, kapha and pitta disorders. It is also known to act as an efficient central nervous system stimulant. This ayurvedic medicine is extremely effective for those people who have trouble in digesting their foods. Mahashank Bati helps to improve your overall digestion as well as cure several stomachs related problems too. You can get a healthy digestive system and get rid of piles and stomach problems with the help of Mahashank Bati.

All the natural ingredients present in Mahashank Bati for stomach related problems make it a perfect and effective ayurvedic medicine for a number of health issues. Mahashank Bati consists several natural ingredients such as pippali mool, chitraka, danti mool, pippali, shunti, marich, shunti, hingu, shankha bhasma and shuddha vatasanabha. How these natural ingredients help in curing various stomach problems? If you have the same question, read the next lines where you will get your answer.

Pippali-BPippali longum root 

This natural herb is a powerful stimulant for both digestive as well as respiratory systems. It helps to stimulate the appetite and also dispel gas from the intestine. It is also very effective in alleviating respiratory problems such as cold, cough, bronchitis and asthma. It helps in relieving nausea, heaviness and indigestion.


Piper is very useful in cases of low appetite and indigestion. It will strengthen your digestive system. It stimulates your liver, pancreas and intestine to secrete digestive juices.

Plumbago zeylanica

plumbago-zeylanicaIt is one of the effective digestive stimulants, carminatives and also effective in relieving digestive disorders like loss of appetite, indigestion, piles, worms and liver diseases. This herb helps to improve the functions of the liver and augments appetite as well as relieve constipation.

These health benefits of Mahashank Bati for stomach related problems are enough to make you sure that this medicine can surely give you a better digestion. It will eliminate the hazardous toxins from the body and improve overall intestinal health and digestive stimulant. So, if you are suffering from stomach related problems and want a permanent cure, Mahashank Bati is a good option. We are also giving the dosage of this ayurvedic medicine here.

dosageThe recommended dosage of Mahashank Bati is 2 tablets two times a day. You should remember that these capsules must be taken only after meals and should be taken with plain water only.  So, now improves your digestion easily with a natural treatment option. you can easily purchase this medicine on very reasonable prices from Paramanand Ayurveda.


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