Why the Mental Health of your Child is important- Don’t Ignore this Information

Mental health is more crucial that physical well being. And especially when it is about your child, you should ignore any single mind related problem. Many studies and survey results have suggested treating mental health as a primary issue in child health and welfare.  But, we often don’t have enough time to look out at what our child is cooking in his head, or at times fail to figure out minor mental problems. These minor issues like anger and shyness can alter on become a personality trait and will play a prominent role in defining the future of your child. So, you have to be careful not only about your child’s eating habits, lifestyle and overall health. But, because of the increasing cases of depression, anxiety and some chronic mental disorders, we are forced to work upon bringing up a mentally healthy child.

boy-staring-seemingly-feeling-unsafe-350The world is changing rapidly and some of these changes make it a difficult place to live in. then there is constant pressure of performing. The day a child is born, he or she is expected to excel in many fields at the same time. Most of the times, it is this constant stress that breaks a child’s mind. However, parents are getting aware of putting least pressure and hence the cases of mental problems because of this are declining. But, several other factors are increasingly impacting human brain. Because you are responsible for the behavior of your child, you should see why the mental health of your child is important. We hence request you not to ignore the following information on mental health if you have a child and a want him to have a healthy future.

“Mental health” refers to how people think, feel and act as they face different situations in life. And this health starts developing at the early stages in life. Your child starts developing a unique perspective towards life as soon as he starts listening to you. Even toddlers have a mental frame, his own way of reacting to things and his own perspective. Yes, this change over time, but only if you try to do so. There is an urgent need to wake up to the declining mental health of the generation as the following generations are even more sensitive. Also, there is serious crisis in mental health care for children in the United States. As a parent, you are responsible to build a society that has mental sound and stable individuals. So, let us first try to understand why the mental health of your child is important and then we will see some other aspects of the same.

WHY MENTAL HEALTH IS IMPORTANTMental-Health-is-equally-important-pics

  • The very first reason that makes mental health crucial is the commonness of the problems. Mental health problems are extremely common in The United States as well as most of the other countries. Studies show that at least 1 in 5 children and adolescents have a mental health disorder at any given time. Gone are those days when mental health problems were rare. Today, every other child can be seen struggling with minor or major mental illness. Some blame the structure of the society, while others name food as a reason behind increasing mental health problems. Reasons can be many, but the rate at which the problem is spreading makes it a serious issue you must pay attention to.
  • Your child’s mental health is important because at tender age, any problem can be easily treated. You won’t have to make much effort at molding the way your child thinks and perceives the world. But, once grown up, he or she will have his own perspective. This will be hard to modify and sometimes it becomes impossible to change one’s mind after certain. But, as a child, it is easy to change the directions as children learn quickly. They also adapt to new situations easily. Hence, if some time is right time to act against mental health problems, it is childhood. This makes your child’s mental health a crucial aspect, right?
  • You should not ignore mental health problems because any untreated mental health issues can prove to be costly. Mind related disorders that interfere with the way they think, feel and act can take up the form of a chronic and uncontrollable personality trait. So, if you don’t see mental health as a crucial aspect of your child’s upbringing, it can lead to school failure, family conflicts, drug abuse, violence and even suicide. To avoid all these and many more enduring consequences, you must treat mental health of your child as crucial.
  • One simple reason behind taking your child’s mental health seriously is because children are the future. While bringing up a child, we are actually shaping the future society. A society can never survive with individuals who aren’t mental stable. So, it is crucial to pay attention to your child’s mental health.


Mental-Health-logoWe cannot always tell the exact reason behind mental health problems, but it generally is a result of several factors acting in the same direction. Some negative events, specific trauma experiences in early childhood, witnessing community violence or any other such unpleasant action when your mind is not ready for it are some common reasons. Other parental and family factors can also influence the way you perceive the world. Apart from genetic factors that cannot be controlled, some controllable reasons can also lead to mental health problems. Parental anxiety or depression, parental rejection, lack of parental warmth, marital conflict or divorce, parental drug/alcohol uses are some factors leading to a mentally unhealthy child. As you can see, all the listed factors are pretty common in today’s dynamic world. The impact they leave on a child’s mind is also extremely common.

As a result of all these factors, irritability, fearfulness, shyness, poor performance etc start developing in the child’s brain. These are some of the very first symptoms of mental health problems in a child. Such mentally unhealthy children are hostile to peers, socially inhibited, and have poor grades and achievement. If you see any such symptoms in your child, it is time to act immediately. If you take action right now, the situation can be controlled easily. But the main task, and the difficult one is to take the first step in the right direction. So, let us see what one should do in order to keep his or her child mentally healthy and stable.


Untitled-design-3-1000x520Not every minor mental health problem requires a psychiatrist. No one can understand your child better, provided you pay attention. So, first step is to pay attention to his behavior. If possible, note down what is the problem and any pattern in behavioral changes. As you note down, you will be able to see the problems that are leading to unusual behavior. Then you can either talk to your child, make him understand what life is all about. If required, you can also take help from a doctor. Consulting a doctor is always good, but, as a parent, you have a much greater role to play.

Try to spend time with your child. This will not only help you understand your child, but he will see a friend in you, a friend that can be trusted. Once he starts sharing his feelings with you, it would be easier for you to read his mind. So, the key is to spend time. Also, many studies and research evidences suggest that schools also have a prominent role at improving child’s mental health. Children and young people spend nearly a third of their time in school, so teachers are instrumental in supporting their mental health. Hence, schools should also start acting accordingly because no matter how hard parents try, a comprehensive effort would include schools and teachers. Because every child has his own construct of brain and every child is unique, his or her treatment of mental health problems also would differ. Depending on the factors that has lead to the problem, the doctor might advise some special treatment/ counseling sessions. Go ahead and take those sessions seriously because you shouldn’t ignore mental health problems.

Mental health problems are not confined to just your child’s brain. But they adversely effects the entire body, and alter on the society. Also, we have effective treatments for almost every physical problem in allopathy. But, dealing with mind related issues is still a challenge for allopathy. We have medicines, but they don’t cure any mental problem, rather make our brain work slower and some of them simply put it to sleep. While doing this, they also induce a lot of side effects. And if you take your child’s mental health seriously, study his or her behavior, and interact with him regularly, you can avoid all these drugs. this is why it is important to take care of the mental health of your child.

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